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About Us

lba Insurance Agency
                                                                                Established in 1997 
                       40 Years of Combined Expertise and Reliability
                                                  Licensed Professionals with Strong Client and Community Ties
                                                  Professional Friendly Service
                                                  Specialized Coverage with Affordable Payment Options
                                                  Choices in Insurance Companies
                                                  Prompt Claim Service
                                                  Periodic Reviews of Your Coverage to Keep Up with Your Changing Needs.

Money Saving Discounts:                                            Wide Range of Coverage Options:
** New Construction Discount                                                                Windstorm Included in HO Policy
** Accredited Builder Discount                                                               Highly Competitive Rates
** Multi-Home Discount                                                                        Deductibles from 1%- 5%
** Supporting Auto Discount                                                                 High, Moderate, to Low Value Homes
** Fire/Burglar Alarm Discount                                                              Insurance Companies that do not Require
** Superior Credit Discount                                                                  a Windstorm Certification (WPI8)
** Senior Discount 

Alba Insurance Agency is an independent agency representing multiple insurance companies.  We believe that client satisfaction is the key to success, so serving you is our utmost concern.
Alba Insurance offers all types of insurance products with wider choices of:

                                                      * AUTO, MOTORCYCLE, BOAT
                                                        * HOME, WINDSTORM, FLOOD
                                                        * RENTERS
                                                        * LIFE, HEALTH, RETIREMENT
                                                        * EMPLOYEE-BENEFIT PRODUCTS
                                                        * COMMERCIAL PROPERTY
                                                        * COMMERCIAL AUTO
                                                        * GENERAL LIABILITY
                                                        * NOTARY & BONDS

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